Presell—Ergonomic Home Office Double Back Chair

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Presell, It will arrive on November 25th

  • ERGONOMIC DOUBLE BACK DESIGN: A chair that adequately supports the spine and maintains the Double Back is a good chair. Selecting a chair that properly supports the back with proper lumbar support is crucial for a healthy spine.
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE: We care about your convenience. With all levers placed where your hands can easily reach, you can easily adjust the forward tilt and seat depth as well as the armrest and the headrest as you wish. Simply personalize the chair to your preference.
  • EXCEPTIONAL BUILD QUALITY: Each component of the chair is made of

    High elastic and anti-tear fiber cloth and High density molded cotton, memory cotton.

  • STAY FOCUSED: T50's forward tilt allows you to adjust the seat slope and lean in easier, enhancing your concentration. Plus, different postures and a variety of movements are supported with the advanced multi-limited tilting mechanism.